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Protest in New Zealand! Brent Coutts

Protest in New Zealand!

Brent Coutts

Published December 31st 2013
ISBN : 9781442564749
236 pages
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 About the Book 

We just had this book Protest in New Zealand (published by Pearson), that I wrote with Nic Fitness, nominated as finalist for for CLNZ Educational Publishing Awards category of Best Resource in Secondary Education. Got runner up ... but we are proud of that. We are proud that it covered context that has not been written about at this level on subjects as diverse as 1979s Second Wave of Feminism, Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand, and Union protest in New Zealand etc. Lots of primary document material. Lots of original material not published before. Particularly proud to have profiled New Zealanders who have been overlooked in most history books but who have made a significant impact on New Zealand as a place to live in.